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The outlook in the UK for Passivhaus is enormous but it will require higher quality of design and construction than has ever been seen in the housing market. This standard is being set by the Government and its energy policy agencies. Social housing providers are already looking at Passivhaus developments. We at PDS are uniquely placed to offer a huge depth of experience from German practice together with expert knowledge of the requirements of the UK social housing sector to deliver the new solutions that will meet the lower energy dwellings needed now and beyond 2016.


According to the Passivhaus Institute, a passive house is:-


“a building in which a comfortable interior climate can be maintained without active heating and cooling systems (Adamson 1987 and Feist 1988). The house heats and cools itself, hence “passive”. For European passive construction, prerequisite to this capability is an annual heating requirement that is less than 15 kWh/(m²a) (4755 Btu/ft²/yr), not to be attained at the cost of an increase in use of energy for other purposes (e.g., electricity). Furthermore, the combined primary energy consumption of living area of a European passive house may not exceed 120 kWh/(m²a) (38039 Btu/ft²/yr) for heat, hot water and household electricity. With this as a starting point, additional energy requirements may be completely covered using renewable energy sources. This means that the combined energy consumption of a passive house is less than the average new European home requires for household electricity and hot water alone. The combined end energy consumed by a passive house is therefore less than a quarter of the energy consumed by the average new construction that complies with applicable national energy regulations. A passive house is cost-effective when the combined capitalized costs (construction, including design and installed equipment, plus operating costs for 30 years) do not exceed those of an average new home. “


For more details about the Passivhaus Institute see www.passiv.de




Passivhaus Solutions to meet Code of Sustainable Home Assessment

We offer in conjunction with Chambers Goodwin and Partners a full design and advice service covering the CfSH. The service provides a full range of comparisons with Passivhaus design standards where both technical evaluations are required.

We can provide a full certification and advisory service in line with the Requirements of BRE as Code Assessors.

As a design led organisation we provide consultancy advice to maximise sustainability

Passivhaus Design

PDS with our partners provide quality Certified Passivhaus Design, with a full understanding of Passivhaus principals, and extensive experience designing buildings in the UK we provide a holistic approach which covers all aspects of design.

From a single bespoke designed home to large scale developments, we are able to provide a comprehensive design service.

Engineering & Calculations of Passivhaus Designs

PDS has a number of qualified Certified Passivhaus Designers able to provide full PHPP calculations based on the individual project designs. Our qualified designers are able to advice design professionals on the most suitable construction solutions to achieve the exacting Passivhaus standard and work with contractors and suppliers to achieve Passivhaus standards.

Passivhaus Registration and Certification

PDS work in partnership with the Passivhaus Institute and UK agents and certifying bodies to register projects and obtain certification. We can provide full management of the process to its successful completion.

For any building that seeks to obtain the lowest energy performance and the greatest comfort it is essential that a full engineered approach with the correct modelling is undertaken by a suitably qualified designer. PDS are able to do this and have through the experience of its German partners all the tools need to achieve full Passivhaus certification.

Management of the Procurement Process of Passivhaus Buildings

PDS in conjunction with Chambers Goodwin and Partners, can manage the delivery of your project from site evaluation to occupation.

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, we provide professional services based on the RIBA Plan of Work together with the specialist management of Passivhaus elements.

We can prove advice covering specification, programme, supplier selection, Passivhaus products, contractors.

Quality Control of Passivhaus Construction

PDS take an active part in the design and build process. Where PDS provide a full design service, this is monitored by our certified designers to ensure no loss to the design standards.

During construction PDS will work with contractors and suppliers to ensure the design standards set are maintained and achieved. Through site inspection and training of operatives, PDS verify the Passivhaus standards are being met and provide evidence to substantiate the project through this process at final certification.

Consultancy for Passivhaus Projects

PDS offer a full range of professional service options, including:

Training in Passivhaus Design and Principles

PDS offer a range of training for clients, designers, suppliers, contractors, building users, this is normally provided through: