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Sunday Telegraph Article 22.01.2012

The Sunday Telepraph featured an article on our proposal for an eco house in the picturesque location¬†of Buckinghamshire which commented on the low energy design.¬†Troy house is a proposal for a house on a piece of promontory land overlooking a lake, which was formely a gravel pit in the Metropolitan Green Belt area. The site is located 300m from the nearest house, so the occupants can enjoy complete seclusion. Currently, the site is shielded from veiw of the lake by Poplar trees, but they are to be felled due to disease. This generated the design in a half crescent shape, so all habitable rooms are opened up to the lake and the mass of bird life. The unusual form has 2 bedrooms at either end of the plan and central living accommodation that reflects the client’s wish to have the building used as holiday accommodation for their daughters and grandchildren when they come over from the Middle East to escape the heat.

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