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Sunday Telegraph Article 22.01.2012

The Sunday Telepraph featured an article on our proposal for an eco house in the picturesque location of Buckinghamshire which commented on the low energy design. Troy house is a proposal for a house on a piece of promontory land overlooking a lake, which was formely a gravel pit in the Metropolitan Green Belt area. The site is located 300m from the nearest house, so the occupants can enjoy complete seclusion. Currently, the site is shielded from veiw of the lake by Poplar trees, but they are to be felled due to disease. This generated the design in a half crescent shape, so all habitable rooms are opened up to the lake and the mass of bird life. The unusual form has 2 bedrooms at either end of the plan and central living accommodation that reflects the client’s wish to have the building used as holiday accommodation for their daughters and grandchildren when they come over from the Middle East to escape the heat.

BRE Passivhaus Competition 2012


Our entry for the BRE Passivhaus competition has been selected to go through to the final stages. The concept is to create a simple form with a glazed, south-facing facade, incorporating solar shading devices to capture and control solar gains, which produces a bright and comfortable internal environment.



January News

Think Tank




This week the office has been freshed up and a new space has been created! Matt and Manju are part of the PDS team generating new ideas for passivhaus.




Building a Passivhaus – Part 1


House for a private client in Maudach, Germany.

This three bedroom family house, has been designed with a home office on the first floor with its own entrance. The client brief called for the office to be capable of being used as a separate flat over time to separately house the growing family.

PDS and Chambers Goodwin and Partners were asked to provide a low energy solution for the build. Read more »


The International Passivhaus Association provides an excellent online resource in English and German on Passive House themes. The content ranges from simple articles of a non-technical nature to highly technical documents for professionals in the construction industry.

See for further information.

What is a Passive House?

The following provides a link to a recent article published by iPHM and written and edited by Tam Berkovitz.

Worth Looking at What is a Passive House?

Terry Haigh – Passivhaus Design Solutions Ltd

Website Launch

PDS are proud to launch their new look website which now offers the latest news from the industry and views from our team.

Passivhaus or Code of Sustainable Homes?

There has been some recent debate pitting one against the other as standards to be adopted in the UK. PDS is firmly committed to the Passivhaus standards and principals, but there is room for both in our move towards the low energy and sustainable home.

The Code of Sustainable Homes has many good requirements, but it is not an assessment tool that fully evaluates the impact resulting form the lower and lower energy demands that will come with higher reduction targets. The SAP tool to assess energy is not based on design principals that consider fully the impact on building fabric and materials as we increase thermal efficiency and air tightness.

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